Mosby’s® Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference 15th Edition (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)
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Mosby’s® Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference 15th Edition (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)

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Known for its accuracy and easy-to-use format, Mosby’s Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference 15th Edition is your one-stop source for all the latest testing information needed in clinicals, class, and professional practice. Across the reference, tests are organized alphabetically and include vital information such as alternate or abbreviated test names, test explanation, normal and abnormal findings, possible critical values, and guidelines to patient care before, during, and after the test. This fifteenth edition also includes nine new tests as well as the latest research surrounding each test included in the reference. As with previous editions, every test entry begins on a new page and all tests are cross-referenced throughout the book to simplify lookup. And with the book’s compact size, durable cover, and practical A-to-Z thumb tabs, this market-leading reference is the ideal choice for anyone wanting quick and easy access to the very latest diagnostic and lab tests used in nursing practice today.

  • Alphabetical organization and A-to-Z thumb tabs makes finding the right information quick and easy.
  • Normal findings for adult, elderly, and pediatric patients are included where applicable to provide complete clinical data.
  • Abnormal findings are highlighted with directional arrows.
  • Possible critical values are highlighted to alert students to situations requiring immediate intervention.
  • Drug-related interfering factors are identified with icons to alert students to the effects of pharmacologic agents on tests.
  • User’s Guide to Test Preparation and Performance provides an overview and guidelines for each type of laboratory test and diagnostic procedure to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • Common Reference Ranges for males and femalesalong with Routine Blood and Urine Testing information are located on the front endsheets for easy reference.
  • Related tests are cross-referenced making them easy to find.
  • Tests listed by body system and test type in an appendix enables students to quickly locate related studies.
  • Abbreviations for tests are provided on the endsheets, and symbols and units of measurement are listed in an appendix.
  • Streamlined format with each test entry beginning on a new page further simplifies navigation.
  • Patient teaching-related care is identified with icons to indicate information that should be shared with patients and their families.
  • Durable cover helps prevent the book from being damaged.


  • NEW! Nine new test entries ensure the latest tests and procedures. New tests cover the areas of bile acids, computed tomography angiography, and marijuana.
  • NEW! New content reflects the latest research on the diagnostic values of results, accuracy of testing, and patient care and education for each test.

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Mosby’s® Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference 15th Edition (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)

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