Chest X-Ray Made Easy (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)
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Chest X-Ray Made Easy (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)

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This is a fairly basic book about CXRs, that can help you review the most important abnormal CXR findings. Appropriate for non-radiology interns/residents. I’m in internal medicine and bought this book to refresh my memory about the basics of the CXR.

The book is organized into 11 chapters:
1. How to look at a chest X-ray
2. Localizing lesions
3. The CT scan
4. The white lung field
5. The black lung field
6. The abnormal hilum
7. The abnormal heart shadow
8. The widened mediastinum
9. Abnormal ribs
10. Abnormal soft tissues
11. The hidden abnormality

The book provides systematic teaching of CXR interpretation. The bullet-point style is very helpful for learning and reviewing.
A good supplement to this book is >100 Chest X-ray problems< by the same authors.

Overall the picture quality is decent, but sometimes the pictures are a little bit too small to see the abnormalities clearly.
There are also a few CT scans, but not enough.
This book is very basic. You will want to look for a more in-depth book afterwards.
This book is overpriced. It is small (fits into a coat pocket) and has only 169 pages.

Would I buy it again? Yes, this book served my purposes of getting a quick and dirty refresher in CXR interpretation with lots of CXR examples.


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Chest X-Ray Made Easy (کیفیت چاپ سوپر پیکسل)

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